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Domain Names, Website Builders, and Hosting

1. Get a unique domain name - your web address.

2. Build your great-looking website (free tools available when you buy your domain)

3. Go public - by hosting your site, you make it available for the world to see.

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Get your web domain name, create a website, create your online world. If you could have any domain name you wanted, what would it be?

Domain Dominions offers you more great ways to promote your company, group, hobby or personal passion, online.

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If a domain name you want isn't available, pick one of the alternates automatically offered, or ask the owner if you can buy it from them. Be aware that some people buy cool domains in order to sell them at a premium price. You may want to simply pick a different name.

Tips for choosing a great domain name:

Be Unique! - Pick a name that is catchy, or fits a specific niche, such as "quilting for seniors" - a unique activity for a unique age group or demographic. But beware -- after Google's latest search updates, if your domain name is exactly the keyword that you want to be ranked for, it might actually work against you.

Keep It Simple! - Your web site name should be easy to remember. If people often misspell your company or association's name, perhaps you should choose words that describe your company or group. Suggestion - use your city name plus your service, for example: "South Bay Discount Cruises."

Dashes or No Dashes? - The trend is NO dashes. If the URL you want is not available without dashes in the .COM category, consider another name altogether to avoid confusion. If you can get the domain with and without dashes, grab them! You can always forward the unused domain name to your main website.

Length - Shorter is better. This can make your name easier to remember.


Tips to Choose a Domain
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